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Choosing Best Mattresses According to Sleeping Position

If you want to buy a new mattress, the first question that comes to mind is where to start? Do you want to go to the market to buy or shop online? What’s your budget? And what should be the size, shape and material of the mattress? But there are some other factors which you should keep in mind that the bed you are going to buy is comfortable and is going to fulfil your needs and the most important thing is your sleeping position. There are so many available options in the market the best way to get the best mattresses is first to identify your needs. Some of the most common sleeping positions are side sleeping, back sleeping, stomach sleeping, and combination sleeping.

In this guide, we will explain how to buy the best mattress according to your sleeping position.

Side Sleeping

Side sleeping is the most common type of sleeping position. Side sleepers mostly feel more comfortable on soft to medium-firm mattresses. Because this type of mattress provides excellent support to the body curves, shoulders and hips without pressing joints. For a side sleeper, bodyweight matters a lot. People with less body weight prefer softer mattresses. Heavy to medium-weight people find more comfort in medium-firm mattresses with suitable padding.    

Back Sleeping

The second most popular napping position is back sleeping after side sleeping. While selecting a mattress for a person who is a back sleeper, the essential point to keep in mind is the alignment of the spinal cord. To achieve this, the mattress we are selecting should have the proper support on the buttocks and shoulders without creating a lot of pressure. To provide excellent support to back sleepers, a mattress should have moderate firmness. This firmness comes from the correct positioning coils and perfect levels of padding.

On the other hand, body type on sleepers is another factor we should keep in a bind because different people have different body types and varying positions of sleeping. Another important factor is the weight of the sleeper. Average weight back sleepers prefer a mattress with a moderate firm feel. Lightweight sleepers favor soft mattresses, and if the importance of the back sleeper is heavy, the preferable bed is the firm model with thick padding.    

Stomach Sleeping

If you are a person with a back and stomach sleeping position, you should select a mattress with medium firmness. A medium-firm mattress will provide excellent support for alignment of spin. If you prefer a softer mattress, your back will drop into the bed and cause back pain. For a stomach sleeper, a firm mattress is not a suitable option.

Combination Sleeping

If you think you are sleeping in every position at night and changing the part of your body again and again while sleeping, you are a combination sleeper. The best idea is to select the mattress with medium firmness, which provides the best pressure points for side sleepers and enough support for the back sleeping position.